Strathendrick: an update

5th November 2018 1 min read No Comments

October has drawn to a close so it’s about time for a little Strathendrick update. 

I’ll be honest, progress on this knit has been slow. After the frenetic pace of my self-set September deadline, I’ve been rather enjoying making at a more leisurely speed. Almost too leisurely… 

wrote about this on Instagram a few weeks ago, but for a while, I’d been fighting a niggling feeling that the body was looking too short. I shrugged it off as being a trick of the eyes caused by all that extra width – I’d followed the length given in the pattern, and had even added a few extra rounds for insurance so I refused to believe that it could be too short!

Um. Reader, it is. 

At first I was a bit baffled as to how I’d managed to make such a huge mistake when I’d been so careful with measuring and then the penny dropped. Because I’d knit the ribbing first I was taking my measurements from the longest part of the ribbing… the pattern has you knit the ribbing last, so it isn’t included in the length measurements. Sigh. 

So, for now, it has been relegated to the back of the basket while I work up the energy to unpick a round of 500 stitches, add 3 inches of length to the body and then graft the ribbing back on. 

Not gonna lie, I’m dreading it. But it’ll all be worth it when I have a sweater that fits, right?!

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