On the Needles: September edition

3rd September 2018 3 min read No Comments

On the needles

Still on the needles: Carbeth cardigan. I gave up completely on meeting the Summer of Basics deadline. I will definitely finish the projects in my plan eventually, but by the time I decided to play along it was far too late in the game, and I didn’t want to suck all the joy out of creating by rushing things.

As it stands, Carbeth is almost there.

I’ve added length to the body and the sleeves because I’m tall with a fairly short torso, so I feel that cropped clothing looks a little odd on me. I think I added about 5 inches to the body and 2/2.5 inches to the sleeves, but I’m kind of wishing I’d started the sleeves with a provisional cast on like lilalu did so that I could adjust them. Lessons for next time!

Right now, I’m about a third of the way into the collar now, and then I think I need to work an i-cord bind off and graft the underarms (can you tell that I’m terrible at reading ahead of patterns?!). Oh, and the buttons! Which I don’t have yet. I actually ordered some coconut shell buttons a couple of weeks ago, but apparently, I didn’t pay any attention to the size of them, and they’re a little bit too small for Carbeth – I feel like this is a cardigan that needs big, chunky buttons. I have ordered some more (and actually checked the size of them!) so they should be here soon.

At the last count, the logalong blanket scarf was up to two and a half squares… and I now have the grand total of three and a half! In fact, I think the third square is almost exactly at the point that the second square was at in my August post, which means that I’ve completed one square. I really felt like I’d done more than that! Oh well, the pile of completed squares is still growing, however slowly. I’d love to get the count to six this month…

from L-R: vanilla socks, Dog Star Sweater, Gather Hat

Off the needles

The vanilla socks (left) that been on the needles since April are done! Once I realised how long they’d been on the needles I made more of an effort to pick them up, and it really didn’t take long to push them to completion. It felt so good to free the needles again! Although it feels slightly strange to not have any socks on the go right now. I can’t remember the last time that I didn’t have at least one pair in progress. I do have a sock design that I’m mulling over, but I didn’t dare cast on anything new because I knew it would eat into any blanket scarf progress. We are going to the cinema and the theatre this week though, so I think I will have to relent and cast on for a new vanilla sock. I have some mustard yellow alpaca sock yarn that has been sitting in the stash for longer than I care to admit, and I think it’d be a perfect autumn background project.

August also seems to have been a bit of a Tin Can Knits fest. The Dog Star sweater (middle) and Gather Hat (right) were both Tin Can Knits patterns, and I’m really pleased with how both turned out.

I almost feel like there wasn’t a huge amount of progress with the needles last month, but with three completed projects, I suppose it was actually quite productive!

Next on my needles was going to be a Warriston jumper. I’m keen to get this going because autumn is one of my absolute favourite seasons to be outdoors, and Warriston would be a great throw over cosy garment.

But then I saw Kate herself in a two-colour Strathendrick, and now I have a serious case of the wants!

I’m itching to get Strathendrick on my needles anyway, and am sorely tempted by a simple two-colour version to test the sizing before investing all that time in the colourwork. I’ve spent far too long over the past week mulling over colour combinations!

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