a bowl of tiny pastel coloured chocolate eggs on a white table

Five Things Friday: Joyful Moments from my Fortnight

26th April 2019 1 min read No Comments

I’ve been full of the joys of spring lately! Here are some glimpses of five joyful moments from my fortnight.

1. A bowl of seriously adorable, teeny, tiny chocolate eggs

raindrops on a window with a bare tree and a stormy sky in the background

2. Stepping away from the screen to spend five minutes by a rain streaked window, a steaming hot cup of tea in my hands and birdsong in my ears.

3. A delicious bowl of pasta after a day in the woods.

speckled wood butterfly resting in the sun

4. Pausing in the spring sunshine, watching a butterfly fluttering past and landing on a branch to bask in the sun

a cluster of white apple blossoms

5. The sweet scent of spring apple blossom in the air

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