stripey socks on a white table. two balls of yarn and houseplants in the background

On The Needles: May Edition

20th May 2019 2 min read No Comments

I mentioned last week that my knitting mojo had taken a hike. It’s slowly coming back, so here’s a look at what I’ve been working on (or not working on…) lately.

knitting on a white table, a project bag with a ball of yarn peeking out of it and orchids

Red vanilla socks

These are done!

They were a nice palette cleanser after working on two sock designs back to back over Christmas while dealing with a bathroom renovation. The combination just about fried my brain so it was nice to have something to zone out with. They’ve been ticking over in the background for the past few months are now finally off the needles.

Paintbox Yarn socks

One pair of vanilla socks finished, and another one immediately cast on!

This pair is for a Christmas present – I know, I’m starting very early.

I’m using Paintbox Yarns Socks in the Summer Vacation (SS08) colourway. I’ve used my standard vanilla sock recipe but I’ve upped the cast on to 80 sts since. I always feel a touch of anxiety when I’m knitting for someone new, especially when it’s something that needs to fit! Finger’s crossed for this pair.

The leg is a tiny bit longer than I wanted, but these were my Avengers Endgame socks. I was too absorbed in the story to notice how far I’d knit!

Speaking of Endgame, what did you think of it? I loved it, but I’m not in any hurry to watch it again. There were definitely tears at the end and I don’t think I’m ready for that emotional roller-coaster again!

Tender jumper

Not much to report here – the body is done, and I’m almost finished with the first sleeve.

Log cabin

This feels like a milestone – I finished the 6th square! I now have an entire row of the blanket scarf. Only five more to go…

Tidal socks summer KAL

I mentioned the idea of a Tidal KAL in my last post. I’m still trying to decide on timings, but I’m hoping it’ll be pretty relaxed and informal. Pop a comment below if you want to join in!

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