A pile of knitting and balls of yarn on a white table with houseplants and orchids

On the needles: April edition

10th April 2019 2 min read No Comments
A pile of knitting and balls of yarn on a white table with houseplants and orchids

It’s been a while since my last on the needles roundup! It feels good to be back here again though.

I’ve been on a run of sample knitting lately (one of which you’ve already seen!), and although these first tentative steps into the Designing World are thrilling, it has pushed my personal knitting to the background.

Finally though, I’m ready to indulge in a little selfish knitting again.

So here’s a peek at what’s on my needles right now…

Hand knitted Tender jumper in progress


Back in February I cast on for a Tender jumper with this soft sage green Drops Lima. It was just what I needed. Soothing, addictive chevrons and swathes of plain stockinette. This is meditation for my needles.

I’m not sure whether there’ll be time to wear this before the weather warms up, but then again, I live in North East England where it’s pretty much wool-weather year round!

Hands knitting red wool socks

Vanilla socks

Thanks to a bathroom renovation and a non-committal plumber we had to move out of our house and back in with my parents for the end of 2018.

I’d brought a bunch of sample knitting with me, but once it was finished my fingers were itching for something else to knit.

I emerged from the stash* of yarn I keep there with this ball of self-patterning red yarn. It’s been marinating in the stash for a long time – I’d bought it for a steal from Lidl moons ago. I thought it’d be fun to make some new red socks for Chinese New Year, but that obviously didn’t happen!

They’re a nice background knit for now though.

*I kid myself that it’s a stash for emergency knitting situations like this, but honestly? It’s more because I’ve maxed out the yarn storage at our house 🙈

Pile of log cabin knitting squares

Log cabin

The last time you saw the logalong blanket scarf it looked like this. And it’s pretty much stayed like this.

It’s been (gasp) 5 months since I’ve even touched this project, but I dusted it off this week and have started to work a few rows here and there.

There’s something incredibly soothing about garter stitch.

I have plenty of ideas for new projects swirling through my head, including some new designs, but for now I’m enjoying the easy rhythm of these simple knits!

What are you working on right now?

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