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Five things Friday

12th April 2019 1 min read No Comments

Five joyful moments from the past week.

1, Spending a sunny lunch break with some soothing rows of garter stitch

2. These orchids, which have been in bloom since February. I think they’re making up for the last two flowerless years…

3. Hawthorne blossom brightening up a chilly spring walk

4. This giant leaf on my new fiddle leaf fig, which started out as a tiny cute bud only a couple of weeks ago. I’ve spent the last two weeks in awe of how quickly this thing grows!

5. An overdue spot of indoor gardening.
I repotted a poor, neglected pilea plant, tidied all the crispy leaves from my tradescantia (it no longer rustles when I take it down to water – hurrah!) and took some cuttings to send to a friend.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. We’re planning on revisiting a huge patch of wild garlic that we discovered last Sunday. I think sourdough and wild garlic pesto are going to feature pretty heavily in the next few days!

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