On the Needles: October edition

8th October 2018 2 min read No Comments

On the needles

Strathendrick is still going.

Honestly, I think that getting this sweater done in two weeks was always a bit of a stretch! I did try, but I was starting to get pains in my wrists and arms from trying to speed knit this, so I’m thankful that I can now slow down and enjoy the process again. I am almost finished – I now have a neckband and most of the first sleeve so the end is definitely in sight!

Stashdive autumn socks. I started these back in September as a little background knit using now discontinued alpaca sock yarn from the deep stash. As you’d expect from an alpaca blend, it’s pretty hairy yarn but it hasn’t been shedding and is lovely and soft. These are going to be some very toasty socks!

I’ve got no deadline for these, but they’re such a wonderful autumnal mustard that it’d nice to be able to wear them before the season is over. They’re a great portable project so I’ll have to remember to take them with me when I’m out and about.

There has been absolutely no progress on the logalong blanket scarfStrathendrick pretty much took over my life last month, so this didn’t even get a look in. I’m going to try and take a more balanced approach to the WIP pile this month, so I’m going to try and get back to my five finished squares a month target.

Off the needles

A big fat zero!

Carbeth is technically off the needles, but I still need to add the buttons and block it (have I mentioned how terrible I am at finishing?!). It’s been on my to-do list for weeks, but everything in my life pretty much ground to a halt while I tried to finish Strathendrick. I have been wearing Carbeth around the house without the buttons and it is amazingly cosy (that collar hugs your neck in the most wonderful way), so I’m going to have to force myself to sit down and finish this off.


  • Get my five logalong squares done
  • Buttons on Carbeth
  • There are a couple of sock designs that have been swirling around my head lately, so I really want to get them down on paper
  • Warriston – this is going to be my next knit after Strathendrick. I have a couple of comically large balls of yarn lined up for this, and am looking forward to working on a heavier weight project after the swathes of fingering weight that make up Strathendrick!

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