Five Things Friday

5th October 2018 2 min read No Comments

Five joyful things from the past fortnight.

1. Yarndale
I still can’t quite believe that this was my first ever fibre festival, but I had a great time there. Skipton is a beautiful little town, and the weather was so perfect on the day that I visited. I had a wonderful time with some great people, and there was so much to see and wonder at.

Like these adorable little “yarnlings” from Eden Cottage Yarns. All of those wonderful colours, and tininess of them! They’re absolutely precious.

2. My Yarndale souvenirs.
I’ve been hungering after that little Sajou tape measure for years, so am thrilled to finally have one! It’s such a joy to hold and use.

3. Sitting down to read the new Laine magazine with a steaming mug of tea on a rainy afternoon.
I haven’t delved too deeply into it yet, I’ve been saving it for this weekend.

4. A walk in the early autumn sunshine.
There’s something so magical about the light and colour of this time of year. We had a particularly lovely walk last Sunday. We managed to spot a heron, quite a few busy little squirrels, a red kite, and a kestrel (I think. It might have been a sparrowhawk!). Followed by tea and cake, of course. It always tastes better in the cold, fresh air, doesn’t it?

(That’s a frangipane tart and a yoghurt topped blueberry flapjack in case you’re wondering. The frangipane was good, but the flapjack was amazing. I’m going to have to hunt down a recipe, I need more of it in my life!)

5. Autumn apples.
It looks like it’s been a good year for them, the trees we saw were absolutely laden with beautiful, ripe fruit. We have a tiny little apple tree in our back garden, and it’s looking ready to harvest any day now. I can’t wait!

I got a particular kick out of this puckered little apple face!

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