Log Cabin Knitting Logalong: The Beginning!

25th February 2018 2 min read No Comments
Have you been following Karen Templer’s #FringeandFriendsLogalong? I’ll admit, when I first read about it I dismissed log cabin knitting as not really for me. I was still intrigued enough to follow from the sidelines, and well, you can now count me repentant and well and truly won over!
I’ve been thinking about knitting a giant laceweight blanket scarf a lot lately (mostly to try and use up all the Zauberball lace that’s been sitting in my stash for an age!), so when I saw Claire from sister mountain‘s gorgeous laceweight log cabin project my interest was piqued. What a genius idea!
I played around a little with the classic log cabin block arrangement, trying to plan it out on the computer before I cast on, but I wasn’t loving the results. Then I stumbled upon bento box quilting and chevron blocks – there is something so striking and graphic about them and I knew that I wanted to go in that direction.
So I’ve been playing around with some different block combinations. 
It’s a lot of fun and so addictive to see how many variations you can get just by rotating and combining the same block in different ways.
At the moment I have no firm idea of how many blocks I’m going to make, or how the finished scarf is going to look, but I think these three combinations are my favourite, and I’m leaning towards the one in middle. 
I have a rough idea that I’ll need perhaps 25 or 36 blocks, and so far I’ve made the grand total of… one! This is a project for the long haul, but the modular nature of it means it’s a nice one to just bubble away in the background.
I know some people would probably hate the idea of knitting 36 identical garter stitch blocks, but I’m a big fan of simple, repetitive knits. Or at least I am right now. We’ll see if I’m still reciting that line a few blocks down the road!
What do you think? Have you ever tried log cabin knitting? Or if you’re joining in with the logalong, let me know what you’re making – I’d love to see! 

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