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15th July 2017 2 min read No Comments

Yesterday I finally finished knitting my socks.

They were cast on back in January. The yarn isn’t particularly special, but it’s a beautiful pale grey marl. Grey and marl. Two of my favourite things!

There’s no real reason why these socks have taken me the better part of a year to make. When I cast on I declared that these were to be my “zen socks”. A plain vanilla pair (my favourite kind), I wasn’t going to rush through them. I would take my time. Only work on them when I could dedicate my full attention. Savour the wool running through my fingers and the creation of each stitch.

And so it has taken me six months to knit a single pair! Perhaps that says a lot about the way we spend our time these days. So busy, always multi tasking, trying to do everything all at once. It feels like such an indulgence to dedicate our free time to just one thing.

I finally came to the toe decreases almost two weeks ago but dithered over finishing the last few rows. It opened up a little conversation on Instagram about why we put off finishing our knits. I think for me, I enjoy the process of some projects so much that I don’t want them to end, and so I procrastinate, unwilling to say goodbye.

I am almost sad that this pair has come to an end, but the great thing about knitting is that there is always more yarn to cast on! My needles are already clicking with the next pair… and hopefully, they won’t take quite as long!

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