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3rd February 2018 1 min read No Comments

Oh dear, a week in and I’m already tardy!

Needless to say, this week has flown, but here are five things that have made me smile this week.

1. Sunday afternoon at the beach. Salt tang in the air, the wind roaring in my ears, whipping my hair and flinging grains of stinging sand at my cheeks. After a long walk we picked our way back to the car, wound down the windows and refuelled with steaming mugs of tea from the thermos and slices of cake. Is there anything better than the beach in winter?

2. Winterwatch on the BBC all week! Winter/Spring/Autumnwatch is one of my favourite things to watch. I love sitting down for an hour and immersing myself in all the beautiful content. The only downside is that it only lasts a week, so I’m feeling a little bereft now that it’s over! Not too long to wait until Springwatch…

3. This lemony lentil soup recipe. Wholesome and warming with a sunny zing of lemon. Seriously, it’s delicious.

4. Sitting down in my lunch break and diving into the new Simple Things over a strong cup of tea and a couple of chunks of chocolate.

5. Having the house to myself for an evening. Graeme went out the film quiz at the Tyneside Cinema, so I got into my PJs at 8pm, made a blanket fort on the sofa, made cups of herbal tea and settled in with my knitting. Bliss!

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